All Carrier - Sky World Int

About us

The business was established in February 2001 in order to meet the demand of courier shipments from Miami to South America (Line Haul), and is a Division of LanLogistics (a Lan Cargo company). Since 2002, the company has become a major Consolidator for destinations such as Santiago, Lima, Asuncion, and Buenos Aires.

In 2003, using LAN routes, the company developed the transportation of valuables (bank notes, silver, gold - refined and raw -, etc.). Later, services started being provided for Viamat, IBI, Ocasa Valuables and Transvalue. Today, those companies are served from and to Miami to almost all LAN routes. On May 16, 2007, Lan Logistics was sold to Sky World International, which in turn supplies services for SkyNet, SkyBox and All Carrier. All Carrier has been diversifying into the air and sea freight, together with agents throughout Latin America and in Asia.